North Shore Health Care Foundation
The NSHCF proactively identifies opportunities to expand equitable health care and healthy living in Cook County and champions solutions through funding, education, and advocacy.
The North Shore Health Care foundations mission is to benefit health care for those who live, work and visit in Cook County.


The North Shore Health Care Foundation was established in 1993 by a group of committed residents dedicated to improving the health and wellness of the Cook County community. The best replica watches original 6 member board assumed a leadership role in supporting projects that have had a significant impact on the health of our community. The commitment to provide leadership in sustaining and improving the health of individuals and communities continues today as a core value.

The foundation is a private, not-for-profit, grant making organization which serves as a liaison between the individuals, businesses, and organizations involved in health care and our family of generous donors. It has traditionally engaged in its’ own fundraising activities as well as soliciting donations to continue to build an endowment fund.  That fund is managed by the Minnesota Community Foundation. 

To be a recognized community leader in supporting healthcare initiatives and programs through grants, project support, and education.

V A L U E  S T A T E M E N T 
The North Shore Health Care Foundation will conduct their activities with integrity, excellence, partnership and responsible stewardship.

Executive Director’s Notes October 2017
A state-wide award for the best team effort, the biggest golf event in our twenty-two years, the most successful BBQ ever, grants awarded since 1995 total over $700,000...sounds like we should keep on doing what we are doing so well, doesn’t it? Yes, AND we are putting a huge amount of energy into planning for the future to be even better. The front-page picture should really be the hard working strategic planning committee sitting with their masses of papers and sandwiches and coffee hour after hour, but it just isn’t very photogenic. Special thanks to the very good looking Steve, Inger, Jerry and Jack and our consultants Ellen and Sue who keep us on task. An early 2018 birth of the product is expected.

Our web site has gotten a lot of technical attention in the last few months. We have moved off the Boreal server and added a mobile version, so it works great on the small screens. The
online payment system has had some issues, but for most people it works very well. Almost all the golf registrations and a big percentage of sponsors used it. Thanks to Sandy at Two
Dogs in the Web for her quick response and good work. 

The North Shore Travel Fund for Cancer Treatment is a long name for a small program that was started by 1010 Interiors in 2007. Since that time 80 people have received $200 stipends. The horror of a cancer diagnosis is certainly not reduced by these checks, but the only thing that all the patients have in common is that they are told to go to Duluth or further for tests and treatments, and no insurance covers the travel. Over the years
we have received many gifts for this fund, including the Girls Volleyball Dig for the Cure event, and no foundation funds have been used for it. At this time, the fund is empty. The board voted at a recent meeting to continue to give the stipends as we get requests from providers, but additional gifts will be needed. One method of “supporting health care” that we are do not intend to pursue is grants to individuals for their own care, but we are pleased to pass through these funds. We are in a position to help anyone in the community, while an individual gift to a friend or acquaintance would often be awkward or impossible. We have many heartfelt
thank you notes from recipients or their families.

Memorial gifts always go into our permanent endowment, and this year donors honored the passing of John Bauman, Betty Bottger, Willis Schellberg, Sandy Stover’s father, Phyllis Noyes, Judy Clos, Donna Preus and former board member Doug Anderson. Elizabeth
‘Betty’ Murray passed very recently, and it must be noted that since 2007, Betty and her friend Lois Eyinck have given memorial gifts for fifty different individuals. On behalf of the board, I pledge that we will continue to do our best to honor the memory of all of these amazing people.

Thank you for all you do.

Karl Hansen   Executive Director

President’s October 2017 notes

First, a very heartfelt thanks to the sponsors, volunteers, players, all who contributed to the enormous success of the 2017 NSHCF golf event.. Net funds to the foundation were
almost double that of 2016 and now our obligation is to make this indeed “MORE THAN GOLF” by investing these proceeds for the best benefit of our community. Implementing our Strategic Plan, to be completed this year, will assure just that.

As you would expect, the strategic planning process has been challenging. It has brought me to envision a quilt, with its various sections comprised of different answers to the question “What comes to mind when you think of health care?” When I was an infant that quilt would have barely covered the basket where I slept. During college, Oh I guess it might have covered my dorm room’s twin bed. It fit the comfy double bed fifteen years ago, while now it
drapes down to the floor on all sides of my luxurious king. Recently, I often wake to see that the sections have rearranged themselves as they vie for the most visible location in an attempt to gain prominence.

I further imagine this most recent quilt hanging on the wall as part of our planning process. While watching the many sections move about, each trying to gain our complete attention, we accept that we cannot impact all of them. It is neither possible, nor is it a realistic goal. But, we accept the challenge of selecting those segments where we can have a significant positive impact. We will also select and implement the proper methods, presently existing and new
if needed, to achieve the desired results for our community.

Let’s face it. Health care with all its meanings and implications, like that quilt has taken on a life of its own. Keeping up with the changes, addressing emerging needs, and filling gaps is going to require aggressive action. We at the North Shore Health Care Foundation recognize this and are stepping up. With a well thought out strategic plan as a foundation, we are entering 2018 with renewed vision, energy and purpose. We are anxious to grow our ability to deliver needed health related programs and services to our area, never forgetting that it is only possible because of your support. Thank you!

Bob Fenwick —  President

Welcome backJohn Bottger!

John joined the board of NSHCF in Feb of 2007 along with five other new members, and he has been a driving force for the board ever since. In June of 2008 he helped orchestrate the transition of Karl Hansen from board treasurer to being the first executive director, and John became treasurer. In 2012 he was elected board president and he served in that capacity until the end of 2015. Since board members can only serve for 9 years, he took a year off, although still as an active advisor to the executive committee. Now he begins a new three year term on the board, hopefully the beginning of another nine years. His accomplishments in this decade of service are far too numerous to list here, suffice it to say that his background in executive management and non-profit service has been a significant gift to the foundation.

Karl Hansen Executive director 
BA Carleton College, 25 years teaching experience, NSHCF Board member 2001 - 2008, past president and treasurer. Part time Executive director since 2008, business owner, Chair, Grand Marais Public Utilities Commission.
218-387-9076  218-387-2983 -  home office



Bob Fenwick President
After graduating from Anoka attended the University of Minnesota. Following college signed as a professional baseball player and succeeded by playing in the major leagues with Houston and St Louis. Post those fun times worked in various sales management positions, with the most time spent in medical sales of CT, MRI, and nuclear medicine. In 1993 Jennifer and I moved permanently to Cook County where I’ve held retail sales management positions. The most satisfying time of my life was serving the citizens of Cook County as a commissioner for twelve years,and while in that position had the good fortune of serving as the president of the Association of Minnesota Counties. Looking forward to helping the health care foundation and have a special interest in seeing assisted living come to Cook County.
2963 County Road 7, Grand Marais, MN 55604  218-387-9105   218-370-0791

Jerry Lilja Vice President
My career has been in Community Mental health. I worked as a therapist at the Human Development Center in Grand Marais for 5 years. Before that I worked in other Mental Health treatment agencies in St. Paul and Austin, Mn.

Now I'm volunteering for several local organizations including, WTIP, the Norpine Trail Association, and Workers on Wheels at the Congregational Church. I'm also serving on the Cook County Public Health and Human Services Advisory Committee as well as the Cook County Human Services Board.

My favorite pastimes are woodworking and, of course canoeing on some of our beautiful lakes. I enjoy singing with the Borealis Chorale.

I hope to offer a helpful point of view and to contribute to the excellent work of the North Shore Health Care Foundation.
Box 255, Lutsen, MN 55612  663-0039

Inger Andress Secretary
As a leadership advisor, for a variety of businesses and not for profit organizations over the years, it has been a learning process that has brought me to understand that collaborative thought done in the spirit of community is the key to not only being the most effective in many areas, but also to build the trust that is necessary to maintain relational sustainability.  Part of this journey has led me to author a book that tries to communicate how these principles breathe life not only into leadership but also inspire the people in all categories.

When we moved from Denver to Lutsen, part of the calling I sensed was to understand how to come alongside this community and encourage collaboration.  It has been a joy to participate in local events, consult businesses and meet with a variety of leaders, listening to the heartbeat of what makes cook county tick. These are exciting times, and I am glad that NSHCF has been a part of leading the way in exemplifying how to serve this community of Cook county.
14 Black Point Blvd. Lutsen, Minnesota 55612   218-387-1625  cell 303-947-6773

Steven R. Nielsen
Grants Chair
Steve Nielsen retired in 2013 after 40 years of managerial experience in the field of aging, health care and human services. He holds a Master’s of Business Administration degree.
From 1976 until 1997 his work experience included serving in senior executive positions with the Ebenezer Society and the Amherst H. Wilder Foundation. From 1997 thru 2005 Mr. Nielsen was President and CEO of CareChoice Cooperative, a health care alliance of 25 non-profit, long term care organizations serving 17 counties in Minnesota.
Most recently, Mr. Nielsen was employed as President and CEO of Value First Inc.. During his tenure there, Mr. Nielsen developed and managed a national Group Purchasing Organization, a Clinical Consulting Service, a long term care pharmacy and an Insurance Agency.
Mr. Nielsen has served on numerous community boards and task forces in his working tenure. Most recently they include the boards of, Franciscan Health Communities, Our lady of Peace Hospice and Hospice Home Care, and the Governor’s Advisory Board for Veterans Health Care.
277 Birch Drive, P.O. Box 1075, Grand Marais, Mn. (612) 670-3356



BOARD MEMBERS  _________________________________________________

John Bottger
Graduated from Newark College of engineering and worked in manufacturing operations for several large corporations and retired as corporate vice president for Land o Lakes.  Served on the NSHCF board for 9 years including several years as board president.  Am active in community affairs including Care Partners board, Cook County Community Fund board, and associate member of the Gunflint Volunteer Fire Department.
I returned to the NSHCF board due to my interest in rural health and assisted living in Cook County. 

Jack McHugh
Retired IT/Telecom designer and project manager for a Minnesota international corporation. Now working as a Realtor in cook County. After retirement was active with Allina Hospice in Minneapolis and has now completed training to be a volunteer with Care Partners of Cook County.
PO Box 2 Lutsen, MN 55612   218-663-7088 Cell: 218-370-2602

James Shinners

Past co-owner with his wife Jane of Harbor Inn Restaurant and Motel. Prior to arriving in Cook County in 1997, Jim was employed in the environmental consulting field. He completed his graduate and undergraduate studies at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and he has served on the boards of various non-profit organizations. He and his wife are avid sailors and cross country skiers.
26 Devil Point Road, Grand Marais, MN  218-370-2264

Loren Stoner 
Completed his Bachelors of Science in Human Biology and received his Doctorate in Chiropractic at the National College of Chiropractic in Lombard, IL. He has been in both private and group practice settings. He has served as the Chief of Staff for a physical rehabilitation clinic integrating medical, physical and occupational disciplines. He has also completed a Diplomate program in Neurology through the New York College of Chiropractic. Currently he is in private practice with his wife Becky at the Grand Marais Wellness Center in Grand Marais since moving here in 2004. They have two sons, enjoy hiking, cooking with friends and life long continuing education nerds.
PO Box 125, Grand Marais, MN 55604 (W) PO Box 179, Grand Marais, MN 55604
(H) 218-387-9494 (W).

Paula Sundet Wolf
I am an avid advocate of providing education opportunities in our community. For the past 17 years I have worked at Cook County Higher Education and helped assure that our local health care facilities have well-educated and trained personnel.

I have a PhD in Teaching and Learning, University North Dakota; an M.A. Cultural Anthropology, Vermont College of Norwich University; an Evaluation Training Certificate, College of St. Scholastica’s Evaluation Institute; and a Non-profit Management Certificate, University of Wisconsin, Superior (UWS). I am currently the executive director at Cook County Higher Education.

The North Shore has been my home for over 40 years and during that time I have been an active volunteer for many different organizations. This region satisfies my love of the outdoors, good company, and diverse interests. I enjoy playing golf, tennis, volleyball, gardening, sketching, painting, hiking, canoeing, bicycling, and cross country skiing. What a lovely place we live and work!
PO Box 248, Lutsen, MN 55612 (218) 663-7854

ADVISORS  ______________________________________________________________

Rita Plourde

Sawtooth Mountain Clinic Director
513 W. 5th Ave. GM, MN 55604 387-2330

Kimber Wraalstad
Cook County North Shore Hospital Director
515 W. 5th Ave. Grand Marais, MN 55604 387-3040

Alyssa Hedstrom, DDS
Alyssa received her Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry in 2004. After graduating she moved home with her husband where she joined her father, Dr. Rolf, practicing dentistry. She took over the practice in May of 2008. Alyssa has three daughters and loves working and living in Cook County.
PO Box 1418 387-1987 (H) 370-9756 (cell) Grand Marais, MN 55604

ORAL HEALTH TASK FORCE________________________________________________

Georgene Daubanton
Oral Health Task Force Director
Georgene Daubanton started working part time for the Oral Health Task Force in 2012 as the Oral Health Task Force Coordinator. Georgene and her husband, Rollie, moved to Grand Marais in 1983 with their two children, Aaron & Sarah from Bloomington, IN. They vacationed in Grand Marais for many years and loved the area so much so that they bought Wilderness Waters Outfitters (currently where WTIP is located) in hopes of making a living.  Many twists and turns lead to jobs for both Rollie and Georgene at Hedstrom Lumber Retail store. After teh store burnt down, Georgene was hired at  Arrowhead Electric and worked there for nearly 15 years. Georgene and Rollie met each other in junior high school and are both graduates of Southwest High School in Minneapolis, MN. Their children, Aaron and Sarah, are both graduates of Cook County High School and Augsburg College.  Georgene and Rollie have five grandchildren living in Duluth and Minneapolis.  Life is good!    

Bonnie Dalin
Oral Health Education Coordinator
Grand Marais Family Dentistry   Registered Dental Hygienist
After graduating from Normandale Community College in 2003 with a degree in Dental Hygiene, I spent the past 13 years working as a Hygienist in the twin cities.  Employed with a community health clinic, working with the underserved communities in the metro area.  In June 2016, I moved to Cook County with my three children to work as both a Dental Hygienist at Grand Marais Family Dentistry and as the Oral Health Education Coordinator for the Oral Health Task Force.

I enjoy spending time with my children and exploring all that the North Shore has to offer.  It has been wonderful to become a part of such a great community, meeting and working with the families of Cook County.
218-370-2559    218-387-2334

Paula Sundet Wolf
Oral Health Task Force
I am an avid advocate of providing education opportunities in our community. For the past 17 years I have worked at Cook County Higher Education and helped assure that our local health care facilities have well-educated and trained personnel.

I have a PhD in Teaching and Learning, University North Dakota; an M.A. Cultural Anthropology, Vermont College of Norwich University; an Evaluation Training Certificate, College of St. Scholastica’s Evaluation Institute; and a Non-profit Management Certificate, University of Wisconsin, Superior (UWS). I am currently the executive director at Cook County Higher Education.

The North Shore has been my home for over 40 years and during that time I have been an active volunteer for many different organizations. This region satisfies my love of the outdoors, good company, and diverse interests. I enjoy playing golf, tennis, volleyball, gardening, sketching, painting, hiking, canoeing, bicycling, and cross country skiing. What a lovely place we live and work!
PO Box 248, Lutsen, MN 55612 (218) 663-7854

Paul Nelson 
Oral Health Task Force
Retired partner in national transportation company; former Lutsen Town Supervisor and Chair, Lutsen Planning Committee; Citizen representative to Cook County Wildfire Protection Planning Committee; Board member, Cook County Firewise Committee, Co-Chair of Biomass Subcommittee; Board Member Cook County Local Energy Project, Chair of Biomass Subcommittee.
PO Box 264 Lutsen, MN 55612 218-370-0656


Kelly Holtzman
Administrative Assistant for the NSHCF


Membership 2016 Thank you so much!

To these people who have supported the work of the foundation by becoming members
in 2016 at any level. We have many wonderful friends who are not listed as members. We will acknowledge all the other kinds of gifts they have given in a future newsletter: special gifts, best replica watches bequests, memorials, honoraria, golf tournament sponsors, golfers, donor advised fund grants, foundation grants, barbeque and brunch tickets, payroll check-offs, 1st and 2nd Thrift Store work. Please let us know if we have made errors in the membership list. 

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