North Shore Health Care Foundation
The NSHCF proactively identifies opportunities to expand equitable health care and healthy living in Cook County and champions solutions through funding, education, and advocacy.

Membership 2016 Thank you so much!

To these people who have supported the work of the foundation by becoming members
in 2016 at any level. We have many wonderful friends who are not listed as members. We will acknowledge all the other kinds of gifts they have given in a future newsletter: special gifts, best replica watches bequests, memorials, honoraria, golf tournament sponsors, golfers, donor advised fund grants, foundation grants, barbeque and brunch tickets, payroll check-offs, 1st and 2nd Thrift Store work. Please let us know if we have made errors in the membership list. 

 James Alt and Deborah McKnight, Richard Starr and Joanne Alt, Jennifer A Andersen,
Chel Anderson, Katie and Doug Anderson, Walter N. and Phyllis A. Anderson, Wayne and Philis Anderson, Westen Anderson, Allan L. Apter, Benjamin and Mary Jane Barnard, H.T. and Kay Becken, James and Gerette Belland, Anne Bent, Robert and Mary Alice Bent, Sally and Tom Berg, Larry and Linda Berger, Bethlehem Lutheran Church Women, Peter and Margaret Birse, Bill and Beth Blank, Edward and Kathryn Bolstad, Roland and Shirley Bosch, John and Barb Bottger, Jim Boyd and Jetty St. John, Penny and Tom Bradovich, Robert D. Brazell, Ruth and Bob Bringer, John and Judith Brisky, William and Janet Brumbaugh, Elizabeth Brunsvold, Richard Buchheit, Catherine and Denis Burand, G. William and Joan Burkhardt, Timothy and Kathryn Burns, Myron Bursheim, Arden and Carol Byers, Paul Berry and Kathleen Calabria, Pat Campanaro and Stan Tull, Gerald and Sharon Caple, Mike Carlson, Cathedral of the Pines, Lawrence Caven, Frank and Cindy Imsdahl Ceo, Jean and Tim Cochrane, Cook County Schools - Dig Pink Cook County, Whole Foods Co-op, Nancy Dalbec, Rollin and Georgene Daubanton, Ivy Church and Don Davison, Jeff Kern and Jenny Delfs, Bev Denyes Fred and Heather Derewenko, Mark and Janet Ditmanson, Donald and Karen Fehr, Kirk Dornfeld and Carol Winter Lawrence Downing, Barbara Eckel, Keith and Nancy Eilbert, William J Erickson, Renee and David Ethier, Lois Eyinck and Betty Murray, Bob Fenwick, First and Second Thrift Store, Dan and Diane Fitzgerald, Dennis Fitzpatrick and Maryl Skinner, Charles and Loretta Flickinger, Suzanne Flotten, Jane Flueckiger, Chuck and Susan Futterer, Doug Galligher, Lyle Gerard Bernard and Mildred Gestel, Glenn and Chelly Gilyard, John Weinard and Martha Gisselquist, Richard and Nancy Gongoll, Leonard and Lou Goodell, Christopher and Bobbie Gostout, Grand Marais Lioness Club, Donald and Germaine Grant, Grinnell Family Fund, David and Virginia Hahn, Karen Halbersleben, Louise M. Hancock, Lee Stewart and Karl Hansen, Sue Hansen, Wendy and Mark Hansen, Harris Family Fund, Carol and Peter Harris, William and Mary Hatfield, Alyssa and Jon Hedstrom, Herb Hedstrom, Jeanne Hedstrom, Thelma Hedstrom, Peter and Anne Heegaard, Kathy Hellner, William and Sally Hennessy, John and Julie Henricksson, Wendell and Linda Herron, C. Hollstadt, Joan and Charles Holmes, John and Kelly Holtzman, William E. and Mary Lou Huron, Frances Jarchow, Geraldine Jensen, Dale and Janice Johnson, David and Jo Ann Johnson, Ethel Johnson, Jayne Fingerman and Rick Johnson, Kathleen Johnson, Kate and Paul Kelnberger, Danny Kennedy, Laurie Kerschen, Virginia Killmer, James C. King, Kathy Kippley, Richard and Karen Knutson, Jerry Kohl, Greg Koschinska, Larry and Joann Krause, Nathan and Joni Kristenson, Phil and Pat Kruse, Suellen Kruse, Kurt Farchmin, Donald and Carla La Pointe, Beverly and Richard Lachenmayer, Harry and Rosemary Lamson, Mike and Kathy Lande, Jeanne Larson, Mary and Wesley John Laseski, Tom and Diane Lentz, Richard and Ann Leppert, Nan P. Lightner, Jerry and Joan Lilja, Douglas and Cheryl Linder, Shirley Lindgren, Rolf and Layne Lindquist, Virgil and Nancy Lindquist, Donna and Norman Linnell, Jean Ljungkull, H. William Lurton, Richard and Jean Lynch, Roger and Jackie MacDonald, Paul S. MacGregor, Gary and Charlotte Maciejewski, George and Florence Marks, Alex and Sharon Matusevicius, Edward and Sue McConville, Jack and Sandy McHugh, Scott and Stacy Mitchell, Harvey Morck, Letitia Morris, Gwen Salisbury and Mason Myers, Ronald and Marlene Nauman, Margy Nelson, Cathy Nevers and Michael Sampson, David and Mary Nickel, Steve Nielsen, Maryanne and Daniel Norton, Judith M. Olson, Carol Oullette, George Oullis, Steve and Bev Palmquist, Phyllis Parker, Charles Brian and Lydia Pearson, Floyd and Diane Pearson, Dwight and Marjorie Peterson, Mark and Mary Peterson, Braidy Powers, Helen Muth and David Quick, Edwin and Karen Raffel, Roy and Margaret Rasmussen, Kurt and Ann Redborg, Bev and Bob Reid, Violet Rindahl, Jon Rosenblatt,  Larry Ryden, LaVerne and Phyllis Ryden, Doug Sage John and Rose Schloot, Patricia Schroeder, Tom and Margaret Sears, Kimberly Shepard, Roger and Phyllis Sherman, Glen and Judith Siegle, Brian and Chris Silence, Elizabeth Singer, Donald Sivertson, Ray and Eleanor Sjoberg, Kenneth and Janice Skold, Fred and Fran Smith, Heather McPherson and Malcolm Smith, Nona Smith, Anthony Smyth, Patrick Smyth, Lennie and Leonard Sobanja, Marilyn F. Soderberg, Mary Sorensen, Lynn Speaker, Thomas and Dorothy Spence, Carol and Bernard Spencer, Lyle and Laurie Spry, Christopher and Lynne Steele, Arlene Stirratt, Ralph Larsen and Sandy Stover, Gregg and Jan Strathy, Sally and Stanley, Suck Bill and Helen Swanson, Rita LaDoux and Paul Swedenborg, Merle Sykora, Marc and Kaye Tavernier, Gerald and Margaret Thilmany, Leah Thomas, Lloyd and Nancy Thorgaard, L. Douglas Throckmorton, Kenneth and Kathryn Valentas, Kent Jones and Nick Vavrichek, Ruthanne H Vos, Seamus E Walsh, E. Robie Wayne, Philip and Carol Westbrook, John and Evelyn Wick, Jan and Paul Wicklund, Ken and Donna Wielinski, W.T. Wilke, Barb LaVigne and George Wilkes, Susan Wolff, Russ and Caroline Wood, Kimber Wraalstad, Tom and Jodi Yuhasey, Patricia Zankman.

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