North Shore Health Care Foundation

Annual Report 2014

President's Report

How do you define a great year?  At the NSHCF we define our year’s progress based on how well we fulfilled our mission.  Our mission statement is “The mission of the North Shore Health Care Foundation is to benefit health care for all who live, work, and visit Cook County.”

We fulfilled this mission through our grant program, conducting seminars on Honoring Choices, supporting the travel fund for cancer treatment, and supporting the Care Partners program and the Oral Health Task Force by working with our community partners.

We gave $31,900 to eleven health care related organizations through our grant program.  Care Partners provided services for palliative care, volunteer visits, care giver coaching, resource coordination, advanced care planning, and senior rides.  The Oral Health Task Force provided free dental exams for 250 children and financial support for 77 patients.
In order for the foundation to support our programs, we received generous grants from Northland Foundation, Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation through the Cook County Community Fund and other funds, Arrowhead Cooperative’s Operation RoundUp, Medica Foundation, Lloyd K Johnson Foundation, Mardag Foundation, Minnesota Dental Foundation and Minnesota Power Foundation.  Some programs were funded through a Community Service/Community Services Development Grant from the Minnesota Department of Human Services, and by federal Older Americans Act grants from the Arrowhead Area Agency on Aging. We also receive funds through fund raising events, donations from individuals, and foundation members.

We would not have been able to conduct our programs without these funds.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support.

One other significant event during the year was the receipt of a major grant through The Walter N. and Phyllis A. Anderson Charitable Trust. The NSHCF will receive an annual grant through this trust into perpetuity.  This grant will greatly enhance our ability to fulfill our mission in the future.  We hope this grant will inspire other individuals to consider aiding the health care community in Cook County.

As we look forward to 2015, the foundation will continue our grant program, continue to support Care Partners and the Oral Health Task Force, conduct a seminar on mental health, conduct fund raising events, and increase our visibility throughout the county.

On behalf of the NSHCF, thank you for your support in 2014 and hope you will continue to support our efforts in 2015.

John Bottger
Board President
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Executive Director's Report

Executive Director’s Report

After twenty-two years the North Shore Health Care Foundation has come of age.  We can remember a time when the operation was very simple.  Some days  it seems like it would be nice to go back in time – whenever health care gets simple again, we’ll do that!

Instead, we have been doing a lot of soul searching about what it means to support health care in Cook County ‘into perpetuity’ and how do we structure the foundation for the next generation of board and staff to continue the good work?

Our board has changed.  Five new board members added to the seven who started last year means that we have almost a whole new board of directors. Look at the brief biographical notes about all of them on the web site, and realize that they are each sharing only a tiny fraction of their experience and talents in those few lines. We are blessed in Cook County to have such amazing people anxious to give back to their community. We need to find a few more folks to join us by 2016, when four of our directors will reach their term limits.

We now have six staff people – quite a change from the days of one person working eight hours a week! It is an awesome crew that work various schedules and tasks to keep things moving forward.

As Care Partners becomes  a separate organization over the coming year, three of the staff will be working in their own shop, but there will still be a lot of coordinated efforts.

We assume that this first annual report will become a new tradition that will allow everyone interested to see a thumbnail of the foundation.  Please dig into the web site for more details, and feel free to contact any of us with questions at any time.

The financial summary shows that we are in the enviable position of having assets available to make grants. It does not show that the money has come from a very large number of people over many years. It does not show that our annual budget has tripled in the last fifteen years. It does not show that we have given a total of $612,355 in grants through the years, while building the endowment at the same time. 

But the main thing it does not show is the vast and unknown needs of all the different aspects of our health care system to provide for the people who depend on it. We depend on your continuing support to keep chipping away at those needs. We had a nice thank you note from someone who received one of the $200 stipends from the special fund donated for travel for cancer treatment. He was very grateful, but pointed out that he drove over 8,000 miles in the months of dealing with his diagnosis. It would be great if we could raise more money to increase those stipends to a more significant amount.

Karl Hansen
Executive Director
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North Shore Health Care Foundation

Statement of Financial Position as of December 31, 2014
  119 · Grand Marais State Bank
    120 · Endowment $3,217
    123 · Care Partners $53,950
    124 · Operating $39,970
    124.1 · Travel Fund/Cancer Treatment $2,407
    126 · Oral Health Program $20,874
  Total Checking/Savings  $120,419
    160 · Undeposited Funds $7,596
  Other Assets
    170 · Minnesota Foundation  
      171 · Permanent Endowment Fund      $548,357
      172 · Liquid Investment Fund  $189,117
TOTAL ASSETS  $865,488
Liabilities $13,564
NET ASSETS $851,924
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Grants Given in 2014

Grants Given in 2014

1st Quarter Grants 2014
Sawtooth Mountain Clinic - $1800 for a portable ECG machine to allow doctors to get immediate readings for cardiac patients in the clinic in Grand Marais or at Birch Grove in Tofte.

Cook County U of M Extension - $1700 to renovate and replenish nutrition lesson plan kits.

Cook County Emergency Management - $2000 for the annual EMS conference that brings together almost all the county emergency workers for training and demonstrations.

2nd Quarter Grants 2014
Grand Portage Health Service - $5500 for an electric Hi-Low exam table for the clinic that makes it much easier for kids and elders as well as providers.

Adventurous Christians - $1200 for an AED kit for their facility on the Gunflint Trail.

Grand Marais Fire Department - $300 for the annual school fire safety program.

3rd Quarter Grants 2014
Sawtooth Mountain Clinic - $1,000 toward an additional portable blood pressure machine to
expedite the flow of patients on busy days.

Colville Fire Department - $900 toward a set of stabilization struts that hold overturned vehiclesin place so that rescue can be safely executed.

North Shore Hospital and Care Center - $500 for the first staff wellness fair

Care Partners - $4500 for the very popular Senior Rides program. Federal funding was used to start this new program, but the popularity made it more expensive than expected. Volunteer drivers are reimbursed for expenses and clients are charged on the basis of ability to pay.

Kids Plus - $500 for personal hygiene items to fill bags for every student at ISD 166 grades 5 – 12.  This is a collaborative effort with the school nurse, health teacher, church and business.

Cook County Higher Education - $5,000 for Mental Health Care Trainings: Mental Health First Aid for Youth, Mental Health Fist Aid for Adults, safe TALK suicide prevention, Means Restriction, Older Adults and Depression, and QPR – Question, Persuade and Refer.
4th Quarter Grants 2014
Care Partners of Cook County - $5,000 annual support

Cook County Emergency Management - $2,000 to help fund the Integrated Emergency Management Course, March 2-5, 2015. The course taught by FEMA will include more than 75 emergency responders from all Cook County and Grand Portage groups and agencies meeting in co-ordination with Thunder Bay and Neebing, Ontario.
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