North Shore Health Care Foundation

Annual Report 2015

The North Shore Health Health Care Foundation was established in 1993 by a group of committed residents dedicated to improving the health and wellness of the Cook County community. The original 6 member board assumed a leadership role in supporting projects that have had a significant impact on the health of our community. The commitment to provide leadership in sustaining and improving the health of individuals and communities continues today as a core value.

The foundation is a private, not-for-profit, grant making organization which serves as a liaison between the individuals, businesses, and organizations involved in health care and our family of generous donors. It has traditionally engaged in its’ own fundraising activities as well as soliciting donations to continue to build an endowment fund. That fund is managed by the Minnesota Community Foundation.
To be a recognized community leader in supporting healthcare initiatives and programs through grants, project support, and education.
Value Statement
The North Shore Health Care Foundation will conduct their activities with integrity, excellence, partnership and responsible stewardship.
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President's Report

2015 was a banner year for the foundation.  We awarded over $90,000 in grants for health  related projects in Cook County.  Grants were awarded to the North Shore Hospital, Cook County Higher Education, Care Partners of Cook County, Birch Grove Community School, North Shore Visitation Center, Cook County Public Health and Human Services, National Fire Safety Council, Cook County Schools, ISD 166; Sawtooth Mountain Clinic, Gunflint Volunteer Fire Department, and the Cook County Grand Marais Economic Development Authority.  The EDA grant was for a study of assisted living and overall health services for seniors.  We also continued to support the Cancer Travel Fund and the Oral Health Task Force.
To support these programs the foundation received funds from our membership, Federal grants, Minnesota state grants, memorials, Medica Foundation, Minnesota Dental Foundation, Northland Foundation, Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation, Grand Marais Lioness, Mardag Foundation, Cook County Girls Volleyball Team, Golf sponsorships,  Lloyd K Johnson Foundation, Anderson Family Foundation, and fund raising events.  Thank you all for your generous support.
The foundation board works extremely hard to issue the grants and raise funds for our efforts.  I am very proud and honored to be associated with our dedicated board members in 2015.
Several board members completed their terms in 2015, including Judy Meath, Kathy Hellner, Fran Smith, Jayne Johnson, Paula Schaefbauer, and myself.  Thank you for your dedication and hard work.  New board members are Inger Andress and Steve Nielsen.  New staff members are Brooke Youngdahl, golf scramble director, and Kelly Holtzman, administrative assistant.
As we look to the future,  the board will focus on senior health initiatives, the oral health program, issuing grants, new board members and board education, golf fund raiser, and the endowment program.  The foundation is alive and well as we continue to fulfill our mission to benefit health care for all who live, work and visit Cook County
I was honored to be the board president for the last four years and look forward to the future success of the foundation.

John Bottger
2015 Board President
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Executive Director's Report

There is so much exciting and new at the foundation, it is hard to stop and look back to review the past year. Care Partners of Cook County became a separate organization on July 1.  We talked about it as a child going off to go to college or to get married.  The metaphor works in some ways, but they have not moved away, the office is still across the hall. Their services and staff are expanding, and they are continuing most things the same as ever. Like a grown child, they will need money from us, but otherwise life goes on. Details are on their new web site
The Oral Health Task Force had a very successful fourth year of operations. Kids are screened at school, preventive dental work is provided free in most cases and restorative work is paid for by the program based on a very generous sliding fee scale that pays up to 95% of the cost for families who qualify. In December we were notified that The Delta Dental Foundation will pay for a large expansion of the program into the community health system. The goal is to institutionalize good oral health from pre-natal to age 26. The coordination will be extensive and new and we are working on the details.
This was the first full year of support from the Walter and Phyllis A. Anderson Trust that will fund the foundation “in perpetuity” with income from money set aside in 2002 by those good folks. Endowments are wonderful vehicles for people to support the work of organizations they love long after the end of their lives. A secure base of revenue opens up possibilities to us that were never possible years ago when we had to get every dollar from fund raising to fund each grant we gave. Our endowment committee is working on plans to encourage our wonderfully supportive community to set up more of these bequests.
Grants awarded in 2015 totaled $90,466, nearly double the total given in 2013, our biggest previous year.  Look at the section of this annual report that gives the details of the 16 different grants to local health care providers.  The common thread through all of them is that we help hardworking local professionals with things they need and ask for. In the larger world of health care, this is a small amount of money, but it often meets needs that are unique and urgent.
Our special fund that gives stipends to those who must travel for cancer treatment sent out eleven checks in 2015.  The section champion girls volleyball team funded half of that effort with their Dig Pink fundraiser game.
My thanks to all who donate and work so hard to make all of this happen.
Karl Hansen
Executive Director

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North Shore Health Care Foundation

Statement of Financial Position as of December 31, 2015
     119 · Grand Marais State Bank
       120 · Endowment  designated  $6,762
    124 · Operating -$13,004
    124.1 · Travel Fund/Cancer Treatment    $3,212
Total Checking / Savings $5,677
160 - Undeposited Funds $2,606
  170 · Minnesota Foundation
    171 · Permanent Endowment Fund $526,357
    172 · Liquid Investment Fund $186,845
Total Liabilities (Payroll tax due) $530
NET ASSETS $720,955
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The total of all grants awarded by the North Shore Health Care Foundation in 22 years
Here is a list of the 2015 grants given
1st Quarter 2015
The first quarter of 2015 saw $47,000 in grants distributed by the North Shore Health Care Foundation to six local organizations.
Cook County North Shore Hospital and Care Center was faced with required training and equipment needs because of the Ebola outbreak. Every staff person had to go through preparation for the possibility that someone would show up with the potential to infect the community. NSHCF was able to grant $10,000 to help offset those unexpected costs.
Cook County Higher Education has a micro-loan program for their long standing Nursing Assistant/Home Health Care training program.  NSHCF added $10,000 to the fund so that young people interested in the program will not be stopped by financial barriers. In some cases the loans are repaid by their future employers or a state program. Many of the graduates of this program end up working in the Care Center here. The photo shows eight of the students in the current class with instructor Mark Abrahamson in the training room at Higher Ed.
Birch Grove Community School in Tofte requested our help with their community education department, day care, exercise program, summer program and support for students with special needs. The application from Sara Silence was funded for $9000.
Birch Grove Foundation Executive Director Caroline Wood asked for support for Health Promotion, Disease Prevention and Emergency Preparedness that is done at the Birch Grove Center.  The work includes First Aid, CPR and AED, Active Aging Wellness Education, Smoking Cessation, Diabetes Prevention as well as  Balance , Strength, Endurance and Flexibility  classes for seniors. $7500 was granted  for those programs.
The North Shore Visitation Center provides supervised family time in three locations in Cook County. Since 2008 NSHCF has supported this important service for children and families in a variety of difficult situations such as court ordered supervised visitation.  The board is chaired by County Attorney Molly Hicken. A grant of $5500 will support the program including training for the coordinator.
Care Partners of Cook County received $5000 as the annual base support we have committed to that program.
2nd Quarter 2015 - $15,840
Cook County Public Health and Human Services is going to implement Family Connects, a Universal Newborn Nurse Home Visiting Program. NSHCF awarded a grant of $10,000 toward the estimated project budget of $59,900 for the first 18 months. This program was developed and tested with research at Duke University, and the benefits to the families and the community are dramatic.

Cook County North Shore Hospital Lab received $5840 for a Nikon camera system to be used with their microscope. With this camera in place, lab techs will be able to view images on a computer screen, and save and transmit images to pathologists, resulting in faster reporting to patients and their doctors.
3rd Quarter 2015 - $9206
The Grand Marais Fire Department received $300 for safety education materials from the National Fire Safety Council to be used in the public schools.  This is a long standing annual grant for an important program for local school children.
Care Partners of Cook County got $6428 for general operational support. As Care Partners became an independent organization, there were considerable startup costs. This funding will help defray some of them.
Cook County North Shore Hospital Lab needed $1898 to purchase an octostop chair/upright immobilizer for use when taking X-rays of children 6 months to 4 years of age who are too large for their infant immobilizer.  The imaging department is participating in a national Image Gently/Image Wisely Campaign emphasizing the need to be conscious of radiation dose. Non-immobilized children more frequently need repeat images because they do not hold still; this causes more radiation exposure to the child and anyone else in the room with them.
The Rehab department of the hospital received another grant for $580 to fund training for the Occupational Therapist to be certified in an intensive whole body amplitude-based training protocol for individuals with Parkinson Disease and other neurological disorders.
4th Quarter 2015 - $18,420
Cook County School District 166 was awarded $2,500 for a Spot Vision Screener. This is part of the cost of an electronic vision testing device that is quick and accurate and does not require the student to speak or participate in the test. This is especially important for very young or non-verbal students that cannot be tested with the traditional eye chart. The installation of this vision testing device will be a cooperative project with the Grand Marais Lions Club and other groups.
Sawtooth Mountain Clinic received $4,920 for a new exam table that adjusts up and down for more comfort and convenience for both patients and providers. This is part of a large project at the clinic to have some exam rooms set up for special purposes.
Gunflint Trail Volunteer Fire Department received $2,000 for part of the cost of a thermal imaging camera. This device has several different uses including locating people through walls or in the woods up to 100 feet away. It could also locate an electrical fire or chimney fire without chopping into walls or crawling into attics.
Finally, the Cook County/ Grand Marais Economic Development Authority received $9,000 to pay for a detailed market analysis of Assisted Living and gaps in senior services in the county. This is a necessary step in a coordinated effort including the foundation, the City of Grand Marais and the EDA.
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